Joanna Bouzyk

Company Secretary

I trained as a nurse in the 80’s and specialised in ICU. Working in London, Gloucestershire, W Sussex, Jersey and Melbourne. I had taken a career break a few years before D2D set up in 2001 but I have stayed with the company ever since. I understand the medical life and like to work with people to get the best result possible. It’s pleasurable working in a small company that allows individual freedom and expression. In this way we can really offer a bespoke service. 

I am a keen swimmer, enjoy European medieval History, but just like to learn new stuff, go to new places check out odd museums abroad, talk with people. I day dream about travelling or learning a language or instrument but I haven’t found time yet. As for cars, I’d like a time machine so I could get from A to B and do stuff I like rather than drive.