Career Structure

We want to say a few words here to highlight the importance we place in helping you with formulating a career plan. We know that working through an agency enables many to take a breather in their chosen career structure but we also want you to be aware that we can give support and advice directly and indirectly.

We recognise that the first 5 years after qualifying as a GP are the formative years and have encouraged practices to provide a mentor structure in line with the Deanery’s suggestion. We work closely with you to facilitate a supportive environment. These years between the “First 5” and retirement we help manage our GP’s through all the good and not so good things that life throws their way. We are there to support you and at the very least find you work that fits your particular life need at that time. With the approach to retirement, we have often helped seasoned GP’s reduce their hours and enjoy locum work as they discover just how rewarding medicine can be with new patients and less burden of the practice responsibilities that retiring partners have been exposed to for many years.

As a brief synopsis of the complex practical support that is needed, it is worth noting that our monthly meetings here in Stroud are to help GP’s throughout all these stages in their careers, directly and indirectly as networking with the other members of the GP group is supportive and illuminating in itself.