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Established 2001

Doc2docs offers a bespoke service that maintains the individuality and independence of you as a locum (sessional) GP and as a professional.

We understand how sessional GPs work as our Medical Director continues to practise as a Locum. In addition, and most importantly, he has visited and worked in most of the various locations where we are able to offer GP locum jobs that we introduce you to.

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Registration with D2D enables you to have full access to our complete service.  In order to register to work with us, please complete our contact form and we will send you our registration form by email.  We will also ask you to send us the documents listed below.

If you prefer, GPs are always welcome to call our office (on 01453 756993) and we will discuss your individual needs. Alternatively, please email the office with your contact details and we will call you back.

As a minimum, we will initially require the following documentation:

  • Up to date Curriculum Vitae
  • Two recent references
  • Evidence of GMC (General Medical Council) Registration
  • Evidence of Medical Indemnity
  • Eligibility to practise as a GP – JCPTGP (Joint Certificate for Postgraduate Training in General Practice) certificate or exemption. Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) for General Practice from the PMETB (Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board)
  • Retention on a Medical Performers list

Additional information will include:

  • Completed Application Form that includes statements regarding Criminal convictions and Health declaration
  • Hepatitis B certification
  • Compliance with Asylum & Immigration Act
  • Evidence of Resuscitation Training
  • Evidence of Child Protection Training/Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
  • Date of last Appraisal and evidence of Revalidation
  • A completed up to date Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) Check.
  • SMART Card number


The flow of GP locum jobs has remained steady over the years. We are able to manage your diary by introducing you to a steady stream of appropriate locum work and thus enable you to maximise your time in practising medicine without any distractions. Of particular benefit to doctors we have helped facilitate the settling into a permanent role by providing an extra tier of support.

Examples of types of work that GP locums have done include the following which Doc2docs has helped place and facilitate:

  • Regular sessional daytime work
  • “Out of Hours” work
  • Relocation packages
  • Permanent placements as salaried GPs or Principals
  • Maternity and sabbatical locums
  • Mentorship and support to the “First 5”
  • “Out of Hours” clinical supervision

At Doc2docs, we listen and discuss your individual needs which enables us to offer you assignments that match your requirements, whether you are looking for GP locum jobs or a more permanent appointment. Most importantly, we are able to offer trained mentorship to those GPs new to locum work, particularly the “First 5.”

It is important that you are fully prepared for the work that you agree to undertake and we ensure that you are adequately briefed prior to any job. We are aware of the need to remain up to date with the computer software systems utilised in both daytime and “Out of Hours” work and are able to provide training links to the major providers in these areas on our Links page or alternatively contact our office for helpsheets.

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Since the withdrawal by the British Medical Association of guidance on pay rates there have been a number of surveys of GP locum pay rates that vary from one part of the country to another. These are largely market driven, but in some areas of work, particularly in the “Out of Hours” sector, pay rates are being standardised. We will be only too pleased to offer you guidance on pay rates in your particular area, but these will understandably vary as they are dependent on the type of work that you will undertake as a result of our introduction.

All our doctors set their own individual pay rates that may, for example, include travel. With our approach to negotiating on your behalf we try and ensure that both you and the client practice are happy with the proposed pay. If, for example, your agreed time for a locum job is exceeded then we ensure that you are paid for this additional time.

We ensure that you are paid every two weeks for work that you have done.

We are transparent and honest in our business. HMRC legislation stipulates that “VAT must be collected when self employed locum GPs supply their services to an employment business which makes an onward supply to a third party [GP Practice] responsible for providing health care to the final patient.” We collect and pay this VAT liability to HMRC.

We are able to secure superannuation for short term contracted work.


We have seen changes from Health Authorities, to Primary Care Groups and Trusts. Fundholding has given way to other incentivised schemes for GP remuneration. The “Out of Hours” arena has changed dramatically from the traditional GP on call to GP Co-ops and now larger companies all vying for business. The biggest change to the way that GPs practise since the start of the NHS in 1948 is upon the medical profession with the abolition of PCTs. Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) started in April 2013 and mean that GPs now hold the responsibility for the Commissioning of Healthcare that has been enacted by Parliament. Groups of Practices are now also seen to be linking together to form Federations. More information regarding this and the changes are published in the medical and lay press almost on a daily basis. Please call the office if you would like any further information and we will be only too pleased to assist with your enquiry.

There has been a steady shift towards the acceptance of sessional (locum) GPs who include Retainers, Flexible Career Scheme doctors and salaried doctors. Demographic and social change has also been instrumental and important in who we see as practising as GPs.

Nurse Practitioners and other allied health care professionals have taken over some of the more traditional roles of GPs.

The mechanisms for Appraisal and Revalidation have become clear in so far as a 5 year cycle for Revalidation has already commenced. All of our doctors have either already been revalidated or are within the Revalidation process having been subject to regular appraisal. In order for locum GPs to fulfil some of the requirements of Appraisal, Doc2docs has been facilitating “Practice Meetings” on a regular basis for a number of years. In July 2014 Doc2docs was a collective Joint Winner for the “Davinder Sandhu Award for innovation in GP training and teaching” Please see the News or Education sections of the website for more information or alternatively call the office on 01453 756993.

However, it is our belief that the role of the GP must remain that of a generalist practitioner to whom his patients can turn to for advice about any problem that afflicts them and then act as an advocate for that patient in the ever changing world of medicine. For all these and many other reasons, locum GP work is to be embraced and may simply be your stepping stone to a more permanent post after gaining valuable experience in a variety of settings. Alternatively it may become your preferred pattern of future work.

GP and nurse recruitment


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