Financial impact of Covid-19 – a webinair

Wesleyan Financial Services has put together a presentation to service the needs of GP’s/Locums and have arranged for a Webinar to take place on Tuesday 23rd June at 19:00pm,  The presentation will be around how the Impact of Covid 19 has affected GP’s/Locums finances, we will be holding a Live Webinar on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 at...

Doc2docs Meetings

Given the current Health Crisis with the Coronavirus situation, as with other organisations we will not be holding these meetings until further notice. As a reminder, the next meeting is scheduled for 4th June. HOWEVER, we do have the facility to offer Skype calling and conferencing. It would help plan these remote working events to...

BLS Course

We are looking to run a BLS course in the next few months and need to gauge interest in this. The courses that we run are very personable, cover adults, children and also anaphylaxis training. Could you email the office or call 01453 756993 to pre-register for this?

Child and Adult Safeguarding

Are you aware of your obligations to remain updated in these two key areas? Have you seen the latest published Adult Safeguarding Guidelines August 2018 and the Child Guidelines January 2019? Come to one of our meetings and all will be revealed. For more information either phone 01453 756993 or email

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