Covid: University students could be required to have vaccines

Dominic Raab, foreign secretary, has advised university students will get “advance warning” if they are required to have vaccines before moving to halls of residence.

He continued to explain that these decisions will take place in September.

The full details of the plan are yet to be seen, but the rule is set to come into force at the end of September. An NHS Covid Pass – which can be obtained electronically or as a letter will be used as proof.

This joins proposed government regulation to require two jabs to go to nightclubs and other crowded venues in England.

Asked whether they were planning to require students in university halls to get vaccinated, Mr Raab said: “Right the way through this pandemic we’ve had to take advice and decisions based on evidence when we see it.”

“We will certainly make sure university students have advance warning, of course we’re going to be mindful of this.”


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