Medical supplies arrive in India from UK as Coronavirus surges

Medical Supplies from the UK arrived in India today – the first international shipment to tackle the recent Covid-19 insurgence in the region.
• Among these supplies are ventilators and oxygen equipment.

India recorded 320,000 new infections today, with deaths rising close to 200,000 overall.

Hospitals are overwhelmed, with people waiting in the streets outside.

Foreign minister spokesman Arindam Bagchi said it was “international cooperation at work,” but it is just the first trickle in what needs to be a flood of supplies.

US President Joe Biden said on Monday he would send up to 60 million doses of the AstaZeneca vaccine abroad. Although there was no specification as to the destination of these vaccines, India could be a prime recipient given their recent Covid-19 spike.

France and Germany are also sending desperately needed aid, with France sending oxygen production units, as well as oxygen containers and respirators.

India themselves have stepped up their efforts with the first “Oxygen Express” train, which aims to transport 70 tonnes of oxygen to Delhi.

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