AstraZeneca reported to be more effective for over 65’s after concerns raised

AstraZeneca has reported 76% efficiency against symptomatic Covid-19 as the company updates their analysis of their Phase III testing.
• This figure is slightly down from 79% reported earlier this week, prompting a public rebuke from the US health regulator.

In the over 65’s age group, AstraZeneca has reported an 85% efficiency, 5% up from previous reports.

This follows Boris Johnson’s announcement of vaccine passports for pubs where it “may be up to individual publicans” whether they require customers to have a “Covid vaccination certificate,” with a review into their usage expected to conclude in May.

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said it would be “putting our businesses in an impossible situation,” in which venues may “have to discriminate against those who have not had a vaccine.”


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